These course modules are designed so that you can select what you want to know most about. 
Choose the module (or modules) that most appeal to you, and then we coordinate the time and place to hold your class.


getting a watermelon out of a straw

Course Description: What's going to happen to your body during labor and birth? This course will educate you on exactly what your body is going through, including the 6-steps to labor and measuring progress in labor.  This course will de-mystify the process, which will remove a lot of fear and uncertainty, and help you understand the miraculous concert of events that are naturally occurring to bring your baby into the world.  When you know what's going on, you're better able to make good choices that are right for you as your labor unfolds.  2 hrs.  $100.

nutrition and exercise in pregnancy

Course Description: While we can’t control the ways our babies decide to come to us at their birth, there are two things we have total control over: our diet and our exercise.  Maintaining a good diet and healthy activity not only reduces many of the complications in pregnancy but also leads to easier labors and births, as well as a faster postpartum recovery.  This class will take into account your current health and diet and help you structure activities and foods that will work best for your body and your baby.  2hrs.  $100

confidently coping **bestseller**

Course Description: No matter what your choices are for your labor, being able to effectively cope with stress, anxiety, and pain will lower your adrenaline and other catecholamine hormones—the ones that contribute to longer, more painful labors—and keep your oxytocin hormones—the ones that get things moving in the right direction!—going strong.  Even if you plan to use an epidural or other pain medications, it’s a great idea to know how YOU can best cope with pain in the early stages of labor or before the pain medication can be administered.  These techniques, when used during labor, are easy, don’t cost you or the hospital anything, and have zero risks.  You will learn the coping techniques and comfort measures that work best for you, tailored to your preferences and how you experience pain.  Topics covered include: understanding your body’s reaction to pain, relaxation techniques, breathing techniques, tools for 1st stage labor, visualization and attention focusing, comfort measures for back labor,  comfort measures and coping techniques for pushing and birth.  2.5 hrs, $150

give it to me now: labor pain and your pain management/medication choices

Course Description: Pain is a natural part of labor and there’s a good reason why: your muscles are working harder over a longer period of time than they probably ever have!  Many things in life that cause pain tell our body that something is wrong, but not labor pain.  This class explores your feelings on pain and pain management, factors that influence your perception of pain, and your options for pain management and pain medications during your labor.  Once you know all your options and the benefits and risks of each, you will be able to confidently make the choice that is best for you and your baby.  You may be in pain, but you don't have to suffer.  2hrs.  $100.

perfectly positioned

Course Description: There’s a lot of movement happening during the process of labor and birth.  Your muscles and tissues are moving, your hormones are shifting, your baby moves through the pelvis and birth canal, you all begin the transition into becoming a family.  Interestingly (and contrary to what we often see in media!) your movement—changing positions—is one of the BEST things you can do throughout labor—and often just what the baby needs.  This class will show you all the different positions you can use during your labor and delivery.  Positions for 1st Stage labor, positions for pushing, positions to relieve common ailments, positions to encourage better presentation for baby, positions with an epidural.  Changing positions can make all the difference, so position yourself to know which ones to use at what time for the best results!  2hrs, $100.

so many choices

Course Description: This class will take you through common hospital procedures that you may experience if giving birth at a hospital.  It will also take you through the different methods that are used today to induce labor and augment labor.  These procedures and practices are so common that sometimes we forget to stop and ask if they are really right for us, for our labor and our baby.  Learn about these procedures and methods so that you can confidently discuss the benefits, the risks, any alternatives, and together with your provider you’ll be able to confidently make a choice that’s best for you and your baby.  Knowing your options takes the fear and uncertainty away and replaces it with confidence and control.  2 hrs.  $100.

newborn care

Course Description: After months of waiting for baby to arrive, now comes the lifelong journey of being a parent.  When baby first comes home, all your old routines and ways of doing things shift and you begin to understand how much there is to learn about your baby.  Baby has ways of communicating with you beyond speech.  This class will cover all the basics of caring for your baby, interpreting cues, meeting baby’s needs, soothing and comforting baby, caring for baby during colicky or fussy periods, and understanding baby’s sleeping and eating patterns.  It will also help you identify when baby needs a doctor’s care.  This class will give you a sense of confidence in how much you intuitively know, how to keep yourself open to learning from baby, how to trust yourself, as well as providing you with resources for additional help and support when you need it.  2hrs.  $100.

breastfeeding 101

Course Description: Choosing to breastfeed has immense benefits for both you and your baby.  However, despite the magic of breastfeeding, it doesn't happen by magic.  Successful breastfeeding takes practice and a good understanding of what's going on with your body as baby settles in to eat and your body works to make more milk.  This class will show you all you need to know to initiate successful breastfeeding, troubleshooting setbacks or frustrations, keeping up good supply, and tips for making it all work best for you.  2hrs.  $100.

postpartum life

Course Description: The joy and excitement of having your baby home with you often greatly overshadows how different, and sometimes difficult and challenging, life with a newborn can be.  This class will cover ways to care for yourself in the days following the birth, postpartum fitness, adapting to postpartum life and baby’s needs, emotional challenges you may face as well as relationship challenges, strategies to support those shifts, and resources to call upon when you need additional support.  2hrs.  $100.

cesarean birth

Course Description: Nearly 1 in 3 births today, nationwide, are Cesarean births.  You may or may not be planning a Cesarean birth, but whether you are or not, one thing remains the same: I care about what your birth experience is like and I want you to be just as prepared for a Cesarean birth as you are for a vaginal birth.  This class will remove the anxieties, fears, and unknowns about Cesarean birth.  It will inform you of all your options surrounding the Cesarean birth process and how to make your Cesarean birth align with all your desires and wishes for your best birth experience.  2 hrs.  $100.