These class series are thematically organized, grouped to deliver information specific to what you want to know, and most of them combine material from the "As You Wish" modules here.  Although they are topic-specific, they are still 100% tailored to fit your unique desires and needs.


complete package

Course Description:  This class series is everything you need to know.  It covers material from each of the class modules listed here.  You can either choose your top 8 classes from the 10 modules or leave it to me to tailor them to best fit your needs and desires.  8 classes, 16 hours, $750.

active birth

Course Description:   This class series is designed to prepare you to be confident and successful in a variety of coping techniques and comfort measures for every phase and stage of your labor.  This class will begin with an analysis of how you respond to and perceive pain, and then together we’ll put together a “toolkit” for your labor with a variety of techniques for you to draw upon.  This class is a 3-part series that combines material from the Confidently Coping module and the Perfectly Positioned module, along with elements from the physiology, labor pain, and nutrition and exercise modules to help you understand what’s happening to your body as well as positions and exercises that will help relieve the common discomforts of late pregnancy and assist in easier labor.  3 classes, 6 hours total, $300.

pain, coping techniques and common hospital procedures

Course Description:  This class series focuses on labor pain and your options for pain relief.  It will cover preparing to labor with pain medications, preparing to labor without pain medications, different types of pain medications, weighing the benefits and risks of different pain relief options, and common hospital procedures as well as induction and augmentation methods.  3 classes, 6 hours total, $300

birth partner course

Course Description:  This class series focuses exclusively on the partner of the laboring person.  It is designed to help you confidently assist your partner throughout their labor in the ways that are best for them.  It will help you be an advocate for your partner during difficult times, it will help you become more prepared for what to expect in labor, how to help your partner through labor (such as relaxation, massage and other comfort techniques), effective communication during labor, and your options for your role in accompanying baby or mom through different events or procedures (such as cesarean birth or common newborn procedures).  This class is specifically tailored to you and the role that you and your partner have determined to be the most productive and effective during the labor and birth.  2 classes, 4 hours, $200

early pregnancy course

Course Description: This class series is designed for expecting parents in the early stages of pregnancy.  Ideal for parents in their first trimester, it is also useful for those in the 2nd trimester as well.  This class will cover a multitude of exceptionally valuable information, such as choosing a birthplace, different kinds of caregivers, ten steps for having a safe and healthy birth, common changes in pregnancy, discomforts and concerns in pregnancy and how to prevent them, nutrition and exercise in pregnancy, routine tests and screening, warning signs of pregnancy complications, and reducing stress during pregnancy.  This class will set you up for success in mind, body and spirit!  3 classes, 6 hours, $300.

newborn care and postpartum life

Course Description:  This class series combines the three modules newborn care, breastfeeding 101, and postpartum life.  Everything you need to know for life as a new family!  3 classes, 6 hours, $300.

nutrition and exercise in pregnancy and postpartum

Course Description:  This class focuses exclusively on your nutrition and exercise during both pregnancy and postpartum.  It will cover strategies to keep you fit and healthy throughout your pregnancy, activities, exercises and practices to reduce common pregnancy discomforts, and exercises and activities in the postpartum period to help the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles recover as well as losing excess weight.  You will learn how to eat well for you and baby during pregnancy and how to eat well in the postpartum period to keep up your energy while returning to your pre-pregnancy size.  2 classes, 4 hours, $200.