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products for breastfeeding


The Boppy is an awesome support tool for breastfeeding and also for baby's tummy time, neck strength, and lounging.

Fenugreek supports milk supply and lactation

I love Motherlove products.  This milk blend is great for lactation and milk supply.

Another excellent breastfeeding support tool.  Has pockets for water, nipple balm, breast pads, etc. and can clip around you for more stability.  

An awesome tool to not lose any milk if you have a strong letdown or leaky breasts while baby is feeding or you are pumping on the other side.

The absolute best nursing tank tops.  Nice design, great colors, flattering in the chest and the waist area, longer in length for more coverage.

Mother's Milk tea by Traditional Medicinals to support lactation and milk supply.

The best nipple cream out there.  Goes on easily and safe for baby.

The best breast pump on the market.  Able to be passed on to friends when you're done with it, which is different from most brands.

Eating steel cut oatmeal (the steel cut seems to work better than instant, though that is purely anecdotal) is excellent for boosting milk supply or keeping a healthy supply going.

The best, most supportive, comfortable nursing bras out there.

products for pregnancy


Raspberry leaf tea tones the muscles of the uterus and contains vitamins and minerals that are critical for healthy functioning of the uterus.  Drink throughout the 3rd trimester.  It's said to help with more efficient labors and effectiveness of contractions.  

Promotes uterine contractions.  Combine with fractionated coconut oil.  For use at the onset of labor.  Not recommended for use during pregnancy, but may be used when trying to naturally induce labor after 40 weeks. *consult your healthcare provider before using*  

Buds that stick to your belly to play music or voice messages for your baby in utero.  Safe volume controls.  Comes with an audio splitter for your headphones as well so you and baby can listen to the same music.  Discreet under clothing.

Excellent product for relief of back pain, sciatica, or restless legs.  Great for relaxation and toning muscles to prepare for labor and birth.

Excellent product for rubbing all over your pregnant belly to help prevent stretch marks.

A yoga ball (or birth ball) is essential throughout pregnancy, labor and postpartum.  Good for support and relieving pregnancy ailments, great exercise tool during pregnancy, relieves restless legs, excellent for laboring, promotes a faster labor, and an amazing tool for soothing baby.  All-around super useful.  

products for you and baby

Gentle, nourishing to the skin and pure for infant massage or postpartum mom.

Excellent product with natural ingredients to relieve diaper rash and thrush.

These are magic relief after delivery for recovery.